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oh this i have to see...!

yes...well...i have this problem....and i hear you give really good advice....so here goes...
theres this guy
his name is kai
he thinks he's cool
whateva fool
if he's a pimp
then im a chimp
and i am not
because im hot
but anyway
just wanna say
what a great community
survivors win immunity
and randome things
and chicken wings

so can you help me with my problem?
i heard that youre the guy who'l solve 'em?
though youre not a P-I-M-P
youre still cool because youre crazy!

ohmygawd! im litterally rolling on the floor lol-ing right now!!!!!! give....me....moment..
...must..... ::gasp:: ...breate..oxygen!
ok. im so sorry kai. it was just too much...*hugs*
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