Meghan (onlyindreams20) wrote in hotpimpyadvice,

I have a good question!

Yay for me, I thought of something I need advice on! Ok here it goes:

Next summer, I'm going on this Student Ambassador program to England, Wales, and Ireland (possibly Scotland too). I'm going with a group of about 40 other students. While we're in Ireland, we'll be staying with host families. Basically, we each go live with an Irish family for a few days. My question is this: What gift can I bring to my host family? I want it to be something uniquely American, but not overly expenseive... but not cheap either. I'm really bad at getting gifts for people. I never can think of the right thing! So what should I do?

Another question! I need to raise a LOT of money for this trip, so what job do you think would be better: a bagger at a grocery store (not really up my alley, but they'd pay well and they're good about not overworking students), or a buswoman (I will not call myself a busboy. Just no.) at a restaurant, where I'd work my way up to a waitress (something I alwasy thought would be super fun). That's a really long sentence. But anyway. Those are my questions... hopefully you can give me some advice!
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